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Humimeter Digi-HR.T – Paper moisture meter


Humimeter Digi-HR.T – Paper moisture meter

To avoid costly errors, it’s important to control the humidity in your pressroom. The Digi-HR.T allows you to precisely measure both paper and the environment to allow you to take appropriate measures in good time.

Why is humidity control important to printers?

A hygroscopic material such as paper establishes a state of equilibrium between its moisture content and that of the surrounding air. In a stack of paper, the moisture in the air between the sheets is therefore always in equilibrium with the moisture content of the paper.

If the moisture contents are approximately equal, there is no absorption or release of moisture by the paper or the surrounding air. If they are different, the absorption or rejection of moisture by the paper will change its physical properties.

Wavy edges or curling of stacks of paper can cause printing problems such as ghosting, frame shifting, or wrinkling. This curling occurs when a dry paper (loaded with static electricity) is exposed to overly damp or dry ambient conditions. It only takes a difference of 8-10% RH to cause costly problems including significantly affected drying times or having to start again. 

Often we only notice once it’s too late.

  • Quick and very precise measurement
  • Doesn’t damage the paper
  • Easy to use
  • Small, handy, applicable everywhere on site
  • Hold function
  • Auto data logger and manual memory for measured values ​​for up to 10.000 values ​​with a description of the measuring location


– Relative air humidity 0 to 100%, resolution 0.1% RH
– Calibration 10 to 90% ± 1.5% Hr (at 25°C)
– Temperature -10 to +60°C, resolution 0.1°C
– Calibration ± 0.3°C (at 25°C)
– Dew point -55 to +90°C, accuracy 0.1°C
– Response time less than 10s
– Protective sleeve, wooden box, 4 x 1.5V batteries
– Materials: ABS/aluminum
– Dimensions: Saber 295mm long, case 145 x 63 x 29mm, weight 285g.


Download a datasheet. Humimeter Digi-HR.T

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