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DigiNip2 Sensor for Rollers

Take The ‘Guess Work’ Out of Setting Your Rollers The DigiNip2 is a device which measures the contact width between two rollers or the nip


DigiNip2 is easy to use and accurate.

DigiNip2 – Nip measurements are currently carried out using two methods both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. The most commonly used method requires inking up the rollers in order to carry out a visual analysis. Although this is reliable it involves a considerable amount of time and effort. The alternative method used today requires the press operator to place a metal or plastic sheet between the two rollers and the correct width is thereby evaluated. However, this method is considered to be less precise.

Take The ‘Guess Work’ Out of Setting Your Rollers

The First Immediate Instrument Designed to Measure the Contact Width (Nip) Between Two Rollers.

Features and benefits

  • Improved productivity (by up to 50% more)
  • Save valuable time and simplifies your set-up
  • Designed for sheet-fed or rotary machines
  • Eliminate problems of doubling, creeping, slurring, clogging, registering & mottling
  • Save Time Save Money Improve Quality
  • Take The ‘Guess Work’ out of setting your rollers
  • Perfect for long machines or perfecting presses
  • Simple to use/includes protective carry case
  • Measures in mm or thousandths of an inch
  • Improves Print Quality

With DigiNip it is not necessary to ink up in order to do a measurement.

Electronic ‘NIP’ Measurement

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