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The Flatpack Crate

Our sturdy and highly compressible printing blanket with fineground surface for long lifetime


The flatpack crate

Introducing our new and unique flatpack crate
BFS has sourced a unique clip system crate (made in the UK) that allows you to simply flat-pack and store without losing valuable floor space, whilst not in use. The crates are available with all roller orders (exchange, recovery, or new).

Bespoke crates can be made for your particular roller requirement
We have off-the-shelf crates available but we also produce your own bespoke crates.

Somewhere safe to place rollers ready to be recovered
Once you have your crate(s) they act as a safe collection point to place rollers ready to send back to BFS.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly 
Because the crate is reusable, it can reduce your packaging costs and provides a sustainable, environmentally friendly way to transport your rollers to and from our factory for recovery and exchange.

Innovation from BFS
At BFS we’re always on the lookout for great ideas to make life easier for our customers and to save them money. If you have any particular struggles, talk to one of our Technical Sales Team today.


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