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Offset Printing Blankets

Whatever your offset printing blanket requirements we have the right solution to meet your needs

Offset Printing Blankets are our Speciality

 Which is why, after 30 years in business, we have built up a range of printing blankets that are all unique in their own right and work perfectly in one or more of the following segments: Heatset, Coldset, Sheetfed, Packaging, Forms/Envelopes, Specialist and Coating. We began supplying offset printing blankets in the mid-1980’s and have developed into one of the UK’s biggest and most proficient blanket manufacturers and distributors. Offset printing blankets are still a vital part of our range of consumable products. Our printing blankets are designed to enhance quality, improve performance, protect against smashes and increase press uptime.

Compare us to your current offset printing blanket supplier, and Request a Quote. You might be pleasantly surprised just how much you could save on your current offset printing blanket costs. Our full range caters for all types of printing presses (and all ages) including Web, Sheetfed, Heatset, Coldset, Coating & Varnishing, Business Forms, Foil, Metal-Decorating, Packaging, Plastic, Labels, Envelopes and Cans.


Founded on Offset Printing Blankets

Choose from premium to economical offset printing blankets or select from our specialist range that includes stripping and UV resistant printing blankets. Whatever your printing blanket requirements we have the right solution to meet your needs. As the Exclusive UK Agent for Rollin, we enjoy the backing and support of one of the largest print supply companies in the world. We stock all the legendary Rollin offset printing blankets including: UV Maxx, Ruby Carot, Polycell Plus, Resil, Sticky Form, and Type 100.

Barring/Punching & Self Adhesive is also available on most of our offset blankets. Our in-house barring facility ensures a responsive service and caters for all major machine types. Our offset printing blankets can also be punched or supplied with self-adhesive backings as required. Based in Berkshire we invest heavily in British manufacturing and are proud to boast that our attention to detail is second to none.

Additional Services

Full Technical Support
We fully understand that technical support is pivotal to achieving high quality print which is why we employ a dedicated sales team, who are printing professionals. Their specialist hands-on experience will ensure you get the help and support of the most experienced team in the printing and packaging industry.

Delivery Options
We also offer a host of different delivery options including express options for those times when you need the product urgently.

Packing & Underblankets
We also offer a range of Packing and Underblankets designed to complement our offset printing blanket range.

Offset Printing Blankets
Offset Printing Blanket Cutting Table
Offset Printing Blanket - Graffity Plus
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