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Technology has made it a lot easier for print companies, from getting colour, holding colour, hanging plates to putting ink in the fountain as more production processes are automated.

Worldwide leading packaging company Westrock are no exception, when in October 2020 they decided to convert their blanket wash system from dry cloth to Baldwin Prepac Cloth.

For the first year, Oct 2020-2021 Westrock calculated $100,000 in blanket savings with a further $13,000 on blanket wash savings.

Jeffery Bell, Printing Manager at Westrock states: “Moving to the pre-pack system made our blanket wash system more automated, and simplified it. Prepac cloth is better, it’s more consistent, and we don’t have so much downtime”

With the original dry-cleaning cloths, they were having constant problems including maintenance issues and keeping spray bars clean…

Prepac is non-toxic, non-hazardous and it’s safe for the environment.

Talk to BFS about switching to Baldwin Prepac plus further savings on pressroom consumables. Call one of our Technical Sales Managers today 0118 930 5999

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