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Trelleborg and Printgraph Technical Training for bfs Sales Team

by | Jun 21, 2017 | | 0 comments

Technical Training at Trelleborg

At the beginning of July, the BFS technical sales team spent two days in Lodi Vecchio, near Milan, visiting the manufacturing sites of two key suppliers, Trelleborg and Printgraph.

Trelleborg is the manufacturer of the premium range of printing blankets including Rollin, Vulcan and Printec. BFS has enjoyed a successful working relationship with Trelleborg for many years converting and distributing its blankets in the UK.

Like BFS in the UK, Printgraph is also a blanket converter and distributor for Trelleborg printing blankets in the Italian market. In addition, Printgraph manufactures the highly innovative Finito blanket packing which is distributed exclusively by BFS in the UK.

On arrival and after introductions were made, the BFS sales team was taken on a guided tour of the Trelleborg factory where all the rubber blanket compounds are produced using state of the art processes and equipment on rolls of 500 metres before being cut down to 30 metre rolls by a workforce of approximately 300 employees working 24/7. The rubber compounds undergo stringent quality control processes before production commences. Additional tests are then carried out on the finished printing blanket rolls to ensure consistency and quality. A detailed technical presentation the following morning from Fausto Zeni, Research and Development Manager, covered the existing Trelleborg blanket range as well as an exciting introduction to some products which are still in development.

Technical Training from Printgraph

The day continued with an afternoon spent at the Printgraph factory nearby where Luigi Casella, sales director, gave the BFS team a detailed tour of the manufacturing facilities where the highly innovative Finito range is produced. Of course, the trip would not have been complete without sampling some beautiful local cuisine and our Italian hosts certainly didn’t disappoint! BFS is extremely grateful to all the staff at Trelleborg and Printgraph who worked hard to ensure that the visit was a success. The sales team are now fully equipped to pass on their higher level knowledge to printers in the UK.






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