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SpeedyDry High Performance Ink Drier is a revolutionary formula that greatly accelerates the rate drying in inks much more effectively than previously existing driers. And what’s more, it is now ISEGA certifed.

Printers rave about this product and the best bit is that it’s fool proof – the more you use the faster the ink dries. Call us on 0118 9305999 to place your order for SpeedyDry.

isega certification


  • Compatible with all major conventional Ink brands
  • Increased cross-linking rate
  • Increased cross-link density
  • Reduced dependence on absorption
  • Reduced dependence on evaporation
  • Improved emulsification
  • SpeedyDry dries inks faster than any other drier additive
  • Works on any substrate
  • Tolerant of changes in ink chemistry
  • SpeedyDry has a broad concentration range
  • Add more SpeedyDry for faster results
  • Reduces Chalking and Stripping
  • Does not require activation procedures or special equipment
  • Works on every job when used as directed
  • SpeedyDry shortens completion time
  • SpeedyDry helps achieve proper emulsification and actually improves print quality


  • Use it for jobs when you need it, add fresh ink right on top when done with difficult jobs without having to reload inks, no down time
  • Faster drying
  • Better immunity to paper pH variations
  • Faster job turnaround
  • Ability to use slower-drying inks
  • Harder ink cure
  • Laser & thermal safe in 24 hours
  • Improved ink solvent and abrasion resistance
  • Better immunity to variations in printing substrate porosity
  • Compatibility with non-porous plastic stocks
  • Wider temperature and humidity tolerance
  • Reduced mechanical dryer temperatures
  • Allows heavier ink film thickness while maintaining dry time
  • Improved print quality
  • Increase your plant capacity without actually building additional floor space
  • Run jobs on the most difficult substrates with confidence and predictability
  • Reduces work-in-process inventory with concurrent improvements in profitability
  • Control of dry time. Add more SpeedyDry and shorten the dry time
  • Allows the workload to be shared by the less experienced press operators
  • Eliminates the need for expensive ink, drying equipment, or other additives
  • Fast turnaround times to customers for rush print jobs



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