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An average printer using 500ltr per month of IPA and 300ltr per month of wash can save on approx. £500 per annum on container collection.

Within the Print sector there are huge volumes of plastic containers used on a daily basis. Some are recycled and some go direct to landfill. This creates environmental issues and creates additional cost for the user.

BFS Pressroom Solutions offers a scheme where specially sourced containers can be reused for ICON chemistry products. Each product is supplied in reusable, black 25ltr containers and delivered and collected, for refilling, in metal cages. Containers are labelled individually and recognized by a colour specific cap and collar.

Any initial setup costs are covered by BFS as part of a 12-month agreement with no additional cost for existing ICON chemistry customers.

So… you help to save money as well as the planet.

Call one of our Technical Sales Managers today to sign up for your first 12 months supply: 0118 930 5999 or visit bfs-pressroomsolutions.co.uk





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