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2021 has seen the launch of an exciting new service from BFS. We are now offering customers on all existing routes the chance to try this unique, high quality cotton wipe laundry service, designed solely for printers.

It’s the first service dedicated solely to printers available in the UK, and guarantees a highly absorbent finely woven wipe that’s virtually lint free, without the risk of abrasive contaminants that could be found in a non print industry specific service.

The service is environmentally friendly from start to finish; from the collection of raw materials, the manufacturing of the wipes, the recycling of waste and the final delivery to your print facility.

Following the BFS ethos of ‘lasting longer to save money’, these premium wipes can be reused multiple times, whilst preventing thousands of tonnes of industrial waste from being created each year, compared to single use wipes.

If you’re looking to do just one thing to support the environment this week, who not pick up the phone and talk to one of our Technical Sales Team on: 0118 930 5999


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