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A Sheetfed Blanket designed to print directly onto fluted boards

Have you tried the Conti-Air Prestige for flutes, on your sheetfed press?

Printers are reporting repeated success for this extraordinary product, which is converted here at our blanket unit based at Calcot, Berkshire.

Conti-Air Prestige allows you to print directly to board with perfection with this unique blanket specifically designed for use on sheet-fed offset presses.

The absence of an upper fabric layer and the very high compressibility allows Conti-Air Prestige to better adapt to the peeks and valleys of corrugated board without compressing it.

As a result, Prestige eliminates all signs of show-through of the board in the printed image, whilst maintaining an accurate register for the entire length of the substrate, whilst retaining its structure and stability.

In addition to the above benefits, the surface compound allows you to alternate between UV and conventional inks and avoids ink and paper dust build up.

You’ll be hard pushed to find a better solution for offset printing to fluted board! Call BFS today to speak to one of our Technical Sales Managers: 0118 930 5999.


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