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An innovative perf product for litho presses from Spain has made its way to the UK. With the ability to cut, crease or perforate during the printing process, the product, which is incredibly simple to use, can be set up in under 5 minutes and gives excellent results without damaging the blanket.

PerF-Offset is an innovative system for inline finishing that until now has remained somewhat unknown to most printers. The product takes only minutes to set up and can cut, crease or perforate during printing cutting down remarkably on press downtime and increasing productivity.

It is not only the system’s productivity that can save the user money; unlike standard litho perf, no damage is caused to the blanket. PerF-Offset also differs from other complicated and more expensive perf solutions as it does not require a special perforation blanket.

PerF-Offset, which is available from Reading based consumables company BFS Pressroom Solutions, uses a 2-part system with a cutter, creaser or perforator on one cylinder and an anvil on the other cylinder giving excellent quality.

BFS Pressroom Solutions’ Managing Director Robin Hope said “There was much interest in Perf-Offset at the recent IPEX exhibition. A lot of experienced printers seemed impressed by what it could do and how easily it could do it. We are expecting Perf-Offset to be a big seller this year”.

For more information on Perf-Offset or BFS Pressroom Solutions you can phone their dedicated sales team on 0118 9305999 or visit their website www.bfs-pressroomsolutions.co.uk.

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