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BFS has been built on the ethos that Better Quality Lasts Longer and Saves You Money, but if you are still using harsh chemicals for your roller maintenance, or running print units dry without lubrication you are likely to find that even the best quality rollers will not last as long as they should.

Interested to find out more, I visited our BFS Haverhill roller manufacturing centre…

Thousands of rubber rollers pass through this centre each year, whether they be brand new, recovered or for exchange. The factory is a hive of activity, with machines stripping rollers, applying new surfaces and curing in large ovens. It is very apparent that at every stage of the process, accuracy and measurements are key to producing each roller. It’s certainly no production line! More akin to a group of craftsmen each playing their intricate role in the production of the perfectly crafted finished product. Craftsmen with the skills and expertise to know exactly what makes the perfect roller for each and every application.

When asking about what I should take away as an important message for our customers, the message is clear! – “Look after your rollers!”  They see some beautifully maintained rollers, but on average, it seems that a significant percentage of rollers sent for recovery look like they’ve not been maintained with a recommended product specific maintainance regimen.

This month BFS has updated their range of Revive specialist Roller Care products to give you peace of mind that your rollers are performing to their maximum potential. Just call one of our experienced sale team to see exactly what BFS recommend for your particular plant.

Just think how much money you could save if every roller just lasted 20% longer?

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