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The first photo was taken 37 years ago, of Martin grooving for Precision Rubber Rollers in the mid nineteen eighties, at a factory in Kettering, aged 13.

Martin began learning the trade under the expert guidance of factory directors John Walshe and his father Phillip Buckner in his school summer holidays.

His father would have said how he wanted to pass down the trade, but Martin knew that there was maybe an element of control being subtlety applied to a spirited lad with let’s say… ‘a creative independent streak’.

Since then, Martin has worked within the industry gaining probably unrivalled knowledge as rollers and their manufacture has developed technically, with only a short break of 3 years estate managing an equestrian centre owned by his brother and his wife on the Isle of Wight.

But… the draw of rubber rollers was too strong to keep Martin away. Martin was offered opportunities in America and Australia, but thankfully accepted a position at BFS, and today enjoys the role as Technical Director of our Rollers Division.

When asked, how he is going to celebrate his Birthday at the weekend, Martin said: “I’ll be spending the weekend at my local Cricket Club with a few of my favourite people”.

And when asked about working for BFS: “Again it’s all about the people. We work as a team, respect and support each and everyone’s input, and aim to deliver the best quality products and experience to our customers”.

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