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We had heard a rumour from a printing consumables supplier in Switzerland that one of our specialist blanket packings, which performs fantastically on all presses, performs exceptionally well on the SM52. Finito packings replace traditional underblankets and calibrated papers with an exclusive innovative material. Whilst they are more expensive than traditional packings, the initial extra cost is a smart investment over a period of time as they last much longer than alternative packings and due to their unique structure are able to protect the printing blanket when smashes occur. In addition, they are much easier to fix, remove and replace than other packings too. Available in different thicknesses, in self-adhesive and non-adhesive, printers already using Finito are experiencing significant results. As we had not been previously aware of Finito’s exceptional performance on the SM52, we thought we should check it out for ourselves. We looked at our sales history and noticed that some of our SM52 customers weren’t ordering to replace their Finito for up to 2 years at a time. Of course, we had to consider that it might be that they were buying another product elsewhere so we got in touch with them and asked them and it turns out that the rumour was true.
Testimonial Summary
  • Longevity 95% 95%
  • Press Downtime Improvement 60% 60%
  • Smash Resistance 80% 80%

Ashley House Printing Company Ltd

We have run Finito self-adhesive packing sheets on our SM52 for approximately four years, which has saved us a considerable amount of time due to the longevity of the product. Their durability has meant that we haven’t needed to replace them as frequently despite the variety of work we run on the press and the self-adhesive factor means that it is much easier to change a blanket.

Jamie Stables

Ashley House Printing Company

The Letterworks

While looking for different underpacking for my PM52-5 colour, Howard from BFS showed me the Finito self-adhesive underpacking. Since that day (in December 2014) I have not used any other blanket underpacking because the results are far better than expected.
There are a few things I have found when using the Finito adhesive blanket:
• It does not move while on the press due to the adhesive. Even when you replace them it leaves very little adhesive on the cylinder which is not hard to remove.
• When changing blankets the Finito just stays in place so no more holding the under blanket or packing sheets in place hoping they do not move.
• The Finito seems to handle smashes far better than packing sheets due to its make-up, leaving the blanket with hardly or no damage.
• I find the Finito outperforms any other underpacking I have used and it lasts much longer so no need to change them every month.

Graham Rutter


InkLink is a sheetfed printer and we have been in business for 30 years. During this time we have used both traditional packing and more modern style under blankets. However, since using Finito underpackings we have noticed a significant change in production downtime and longevity of the top blankets. We would thoroughly recommend them to anyone.

Mick Dolling

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If you have a Heidelberg SM-52 (or a PM-52) and would like to try out Finito packings on your press, give bfs Pressroom Solutions a call on 0118 9305999 and see just how well they can work for you.


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