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Finito UnderpackingFinito Underpacking

Finito underpacking is designed to last up to six times longer than conventional packing thereby drastically reducing press down time.

Whilst slightly more expensive than traditional packing the initial extra cost is a smart investment over a period of time.

At Polestar UK Print Ltd’s Wheatons site they are currently using Finito Underpacking on the Roland 700 with great success:

“Since switching to Finito Packing over two years ago we have not experienced any press issues related to packing. Couple this with the durability and longevity of the product we have seen a reduction in our spend on packings and blankets. We highly recommend Finito Packing.”

Polestar UK Print Ltd – Wheatons

Available with or without adhesive in all thicknesses and sizes. For more information please call our sales team on 0118 9305999

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