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BFS Pressroom Solutions Announces Partnership with KELVA to supply web cleaning systems in the UK

BFS Pressroom Solutions leading supplier of UK pressroom consumables to the print industry, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with KELVA, in the United Kingdom for the sales and maintenance of KELVA’s advanced web cleaning systems. This collaboration aims to bring cutting-edge technology to the print industry and beyond, focussing on KELVA’s contact and non-contact web cleaning solutions.

Managing Director Robin Hope comments, “We have been looking for a while to partner with a company that provides a highly effective solution to the problem of dust and debris elimination. We believe that we’ve made the best choice, in the leading experts in their field, and are excited about introducing the Kelva systems to customers.”

About KELVA Web Cleaning Systems:

KELVA is the world’s leading manufacturer of web and sheet cleaning solutions for the treatment and converting of material such as paper, corrugated board, fabric, non-woven, film or glass, removing the smallest particles, dust, fibres and other foreign matter without affecting the production processes.

KELVA web cleaning systems effectively eliminate these harmful particles, allowing for the production of pristine web materials that consistently meet high-quality standards.

KELVA is the inventor of ‘web cleaning’ and has been active in this field for more than 50 years. With over 7,000 installations worldwide, KELVA has proven to be a reliable partner for dust and contamination-free production.

In addition to web cleaning, KELVA brings its expertise and a product range of tension controls, brakes, lever controls and pumps to BFS and its customers.

Key Benefits of KELVA Systems include:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Better quality
  • Significant reductions in downtime and maintenance costs
  • Foundation for occupational safety and environmental protection
  • Health and safety assurance for the production environment
  • Integration and retrofitting capabilities

Contact Cleaning Solutions:

For coated paper, film, fine foil, and applications demanding high cleaning efficiency in narrow to mid-web production, KELVA contact web cleaning systems excel. Equipped with special polymer rollers, these systems eliminate dust on one or both sides of the web, guaranteeing exceptional cleaning quality and reducing contamination levels by up to 98%.

Non-Contact Cleaning Solutions:

Non-contact web cleaning systems are designed to remove dust from delicate and porous surfaces, including paper, board, non-woven tissue, corrugated materials, and more. These systems, adaptable for web widths ranging from 300mm to expansive 10-meter webs, efficiently remove dust based on factors like web speed, tension, and material sensitivity.

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