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Printing press roller manufacturer, BFS Pressroom Solutions is excited to announce a recent investment in new cutting edge equipment to improve roller production in its roller facility situated in Haverhill, Suffolk.

BFS invested in a new high speed grinder and is hoping that the benefits will help expand an already thriving roller business.

The new grinding machine is said to be the most comprehensive and technologically advanced grinder available in the world today for rubber roller manufacture. It combines the latest technology with the best of traditional engineering to improve roller quality and consistency as well as developing efficiencies and extending productivity on the shop floor.

CNC grinding improves the accuracy and safety of automatic cambering of dampening rollers, which is beneficial to the printer as it can allow them to print without using alcohol. BFS are now able to camber rollers up to 3 metres in length with accuracy and ease.

The grinder will not only benefit BFS and their customers but also the environment as its compact footprint, short set-up times and low material usage will all add to the company’s green credentials.

As well as the new grinder, BFS have also invested in a new roll builder which will reduce waste costs whilst also eliminating air entrapment and de-lamination leading to an improvement in the quality of the finished product.

Both investments mean that the company will be able to produce rollers more efficiently; reducing waste and energy usage.

Paul Kowalik, BFS Technical Director stated “We have only been using the new equipment for a few weeks but we have already seen a marked improvement in productivity. We are able to finish rollers much quicker and to a higher quality”.

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