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BFS Pressroom Solutions has become synonymous throughout the print industry for producing print room consumables and chemistry that last longer and save its customers money.

The BFS roller manufacturing facility is no exception to these principles and currently leads the UK in finding practical solutions to everyday problems that printers encounter when it comes to the choice of rollers, sleeves and the compounds used.

The facility based in Haverhill, Suffolk is the sole licenced maker of Westland rollers as well as the manufacturer of its own range of Endura press rollers.

Due to steady growth in 2022, the Haverhill factory has been in the privileged position to appeal to some talented craftsmen from the roller industry to join its existing team to help increase the output of the factory to match the demand. This growth has been more noticeable in packaging and metal decoration, but also in other areas such as wallpaper manufacture and multiple industrial applications.

At the tail end of last year, it was decided that further investment in a CNC (fully automated) rubber roll grinder/groover would be needed to match forecasts for the coming year.

So, in February Haverhill welcomed the arrival of a GV300 CNC grooving machine supplied with a full range of industry-standard grooving patterns and programmable solutions. The machine is fast, accurate, and consistent in its high-quality output.

Although the primary function of the machine is roller grooving, it can also be utilised for initial roller grinding and then followed automatically by the groove patterning process.

Site Director at the Haverhill roller facility, Jonathan Whitehead told us:

“Before the machine was in place patterns would be crafted by hand, or when too intricate occasionally outsourced.”

“But now, with the addition of the GV300 the whole manufacturing process for new or recovered patterned rollers and sleeves can be seamless – saving us valuable time and allowing us to keep everything under one roof.”


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