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It’s never been more apparent to everyone that printed surfaces can carry bacteria which could be damaging to health.

With this in mind, BFS has added ICON SafeTouch Anti Microbial Emulsions to its range  designed to provide a “safe-to-touch” surface, offering a broad spectrum of activity covering gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The coating and additive combination are designed to provide invisible protection to the printed surface for the lifetime of the printed work, meaning it can be handled multiple times and microbes of various types will be effectively killed by the protective additive so to avoid passing on to subsequent handlers of the packaging and reducing transmission of microbes between people.

The active substance, has a micron size of less than ≤ 5µm, and contains a glass carrier which releases silver ions in a controlled manner via an ion exchange mechanism to achieve an antimicrobial effect

This range of Anti Microbial emulsions, which are all formulated using Low Migration coatings, are designed for various packaging types, formulated to high end specifications for pharmaceuticals and food packaging, but may also encompass toy packaging and menus amongst many other possibilities.

Available ICON SafeTouch Emulsions

  • Anti Microbial Matt Emulsion
  • Anti Microbial Silk Emulsion
  • Anti Microbial Neutral Emulsion
  • Anti Microbial DS Gloss Emulsion
  • Anti Microbial SS High Gloss Emulsion
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