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Optimise your pressroom capability with specialist equipment

KELVA industrial web cleaning

Ensure that your production is cleaner, safer, faster and more reliable by implementing a Kelva dust elimination system.

Kelva systems for corrugated board, tissue, non-woven, film, glass, glass fiber, printing and other finishing assure you of the best web cleaning solution for your application.

Over 7,000 installations worldwide show that KELVA is a proven partner for dust and contamination-free production.  All Kelva equipment can be easily integrated or retrofitted.

Kelva web cleaning systems effectively eliminate harmful particles, and guarantees that your final products consistently meet the high-quality standards expected by your customers. 

Key benefits of choosing a Kelva system 

  • Improved efficiency
  • Better quality
  • Significant reductions in downtime and maintenance costs
  • Establishes a foundation for occupational safety and environmental protection
  • Ensures the health and safety of your production environment

Contact cleaning solutions
For coated paper, film, fine foil, and applications demanding high cleaning efficiency and frequent job changes in narrow to mid web production, Kelva contact web cleaning systems excel. Equipped with special polymer rollers, these systems eliminate dust on one or both sides of the web, depending on factors such as contamination load, material surface, web speed, and tension. Kelva adhesive rollers guarantee exceptional cleaning quality, reducing contamination levels by up to 98%.

Non-contact cleaning solutions
We offer a diverse range of non-contact web cleaning systems designed to remove dust from delicate and porous surfaces such as paper, board, non-woven tissue, corrugated materials, glass fiber, and more. These systems, adaptable for web widths ranging from 300 mm to expansive 10-meter webs, efficiently remove dust based on factors like web speed, tension, and material sensitivity. The non-contact systems incorporate a web cleaner with integrated anti static, a filter/fan unit, and a connecting duct system, ensuring comprehensive dust and debris elimination.

Flexo Cleaning Machines

Our customers found Recyl cleaning products so efficient that we thought we’d offer flexo plate cleaning machines too.

The Cliché Cleaner Range is an exciting new cleaning concept, offering a simpler, more reliable, and more efficient process, thanks to its unique 2 lateral fast moving brushes.

The range consists of 7 models for maximum plate widths of 45, 65, 82, 92, 115, 140, and 180cm, making it highly adaptable for narrow, mid, and wide-web. Plates can be loaded into the machine manually, or automatically with the help of a feeder belt (optional).

After cleaning, rinsing, and drying, the plates are immediately ready for storage or reuse or an additional print run.

The Cliché Cleaner when used in conjunction with Recyl’s Quick Wash products is a hard act to beat on all types of inks.


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