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Damon Machin

Damon Machin recently joined the sales team at BFS Pressroom Solutions

As Technical Sales Manager for South, Central England and Wales. Damon previously worked for Paperlinx for 5 years selling pressroom consumables including printing blankets from the BFS range.

Prior to his employment at Paperlinx Damon spent 8 years at Litho Supplies and 10 years at National Printing Inks so he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new role at bfs.

Robin Hope, Managing Director at bfs, met with Damon almost immediately after the news about Paperlinx was announced. “When someone comes along with that much experience you have to snap them up. Damon is already familiar with most of our products and he has built up solid relationships with his customers who we hope to continue to supply”.

Email: d.machin@bfs-pressroomsolutions.co.uk

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